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3、Air Cleaner/Carburetor(Air/Fuel)
5、Cylinder Head(Oil)
6、Rocker Cover(Oil)
7、Heat Shields(Hot Air)
8、Exhaust(Hot Air)

Material Recommendations
Value Grade
Standard Grade
Crankcase(Oil) CMP-4200 S-8091
Carburetor/Intake/Air Cleaner(Fuel& Air) PF-4N N-8092
Rocker Cover (Oil) TS-9003 S-8091
Cylinder Head MWK-8208* MWK-8208*
Exhaust HTX-900 NI-4002*
Heat Shields EMC-7201 HT-5050

*Material will need be combined with metal reinforcement
Gasket Materials Density(g/cc) Bider Type Continuous/Peal
Fluids to Seal
Min Tensile Strenth (MPa)
Fluid Sealing Materials
CMP-4200 1.55 NBR Blend 177/350 Oil,Air,Fuel 12.00
PF-4N 1.44 NBR 163/290 Oil,Air,Fuel 8.90
TS-9003 1.44 SBR 177/350 Oil,Air 6.90
S-8091 1.20 SBR 135/180 Oil,Air 12.40
N-8092 1.20 NBR 135/180 Oil,Air,Fuel 11.00
EMC-7201 2.20 NBR 163/290 Oil,Air,Fuel 15.20
Temperature Resistant Materials
MWK-8208 1.36 Organic 650(Max) Hot Air,Exhaust 2.70
NI-4002 0.88 NBR Exhaust Temp. Hot Air,Exhaust 2.00
HT-5050 0.96 NBR Exhaust Temp. Hot Air 1.30
HTX-900 2.00 NBR Exhaust Temp. -Hot Air,Exhaust 15.20
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