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Different special raw material provides Sealtex gaskets with excellent characteristics of oil-resistance, compression-resistance, thermal-withstand, chemical-resistance, abrasion-resistance etc. Our products have been widely used in Power Station, Steel Mills, Petrochemical Industry, Metallurgy, Oil Refining Industry, Marine Industry, Pharmacy for sealing purpose. With proficiency in our products, we are able to give you the best recommendation of material or products according to your needs.

Part of data sheets 
Code No. Ingredient Temperature Compressive pressure Application conditions
CSA-25 NR+mineral fiber 220℃ 45BAR

Water pipe, gas tube, little resistance to oil

CSA-50 NBR+Aramid 400℃ 100BAR Shipbuilding, paper mill, pump & valve etc.
CSA-320 NBR+Aramid 400℃ 100BAR

Compressor, petrochemical industry, pump & valve, mower etc.

CSA-90 NBR+Aramid etc. 430℃ 100BAR

Suitable for high temperature, high compressive pressure conditions, good resistance to oil, such as: petrochemical, power station, steel mill, shipbuilding, pharmacy, cosmetics, paper mill, A-C compressor, diesel etc.

CSC-120 NBR+Carbon fiber 450℃ 120BAR Suitable for steam conditions
Acid Specialrubber+mineral fiber 250℃ 70BAR Medium acids and alkalis
GRAF Graphite 500℃ 180BAR High temperature, high compressive pressure(steel wire reinforced)
FLON FTFE 260℃ 100BAR Strong acids and alkalis
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